C04D15: CT results.

So I had a CT on C04D11 (Thursday of the second week of the fourth cycle — this now sounds like the specification of a religious holiday). (Also, we don’t start a story with “So I…” Well, I just did.)

Also, I would have posted this earlier, except we went on a holiday… the kind where there is no WiFi, and where there are horses. Like this gorgeous guy:


CT results are in, and we are HAPPY. (Doctor: “I am happy, that means you should be too.”)

Lymph nodes are generally smaller than they were at the time of my original diagnosis. Although size can still be bigger than normal, this can also be because of some “scarring”, ie. when the cancer cells disappear from the nodes, they still have these scars (fibrous tissue, maybe?), adding some size. Sounds scarry!

Lungs are OK. (We knew before too — I didn’t have any problem with them during treatment.)

Splenomegaly (enlarged spleen) is gone, my spleen is back to normal size — this also means the hypodense areas are now healed too. I can start lifting shit.

My liver is close to OK too: although I didn’t get a chance to process the values, they are “very close to normal” according to my doc, which, considering some of the liver values were almost 20x the normal value back in Apr, is a good thing too. (But again, no details here, yet.)

So what’s next? First of all, Cycle #5. Then, Cycle #6. Then, 4 weeks of returning to normal life. And then: a PET/CT to see them lymph nodes are really the real deal and even if some of them are somewhat bigger still, there is no active lymphoma in them.

So far so good then. For me the two big takeaways are these: my approach to the therapy has been verified as working, and my spleen is back to normal, no risk of a rupture.

To close, a rooster: