C06d14: Fear and Loathing in Enkhuizen!


From the looks of it (although I don’t have my blood results from today yet, so no way to tell), I OD’d GCSF a bit again. Yesterday morning I had to resort to my last resort Oxycodon to counter the bone pain… But it was nowhere near That Saturday.

Anyway, the day turned out to be one of those “random perfection” days, despite how it started. We decided to have me rest (ie. no walking or cycing), and to do this, we drove up to Enkhuizen (well, with me drugged, Juli did all the driving of course) – a city I literally picked on Google Maps simply because the Houtribdijk starts there and it’s relatively close to Amsterdam by car. I then found out it is a fairly old and significant city too — even better, I thought. And there is “some sort of museum” there too, so we can go in there, or we can just walk in the city a bit and find some food with the kids, and call it a day.

By sheer luck, we took a “wrong” turn and ended up in the parking lot of the “some sort of museum”: the Zuiderzee Museum, and once there, decided to take a look. 45 bucks for the whole family, small building, we were absolutely without a clueon what we were getting into… and it’s perfection! I highly recommend it to anyone with a family. Boat trip from the “small building” to what is practically an old Dutch fishing village, with all sorts of old crafts, clothes, toys, food… Perfect for both kids and adults.

Long story short, we didn’t go to Ekhuizen, spent the whole day in the Museum, my bone pain got much better, and the day, combined with perfect Dutch weather (that is: some rain showers, some wind, but a lot of sunshine), turned out to I think the best day trip I’ve ever had with the family. What a way to finish a second week in the cycle!

Some photos below (and some on Instagram, of course) – enjoy!