Birth of a blog. (Ie.: helloworld!)

After 2 months of high (40°C high) fever, some weight loss, etc., on April 22nd (Earth Day, woohoo) I received my diagnosis: I have Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma, a cancer of white blood cells.

One of the easily treatable ones (according to doctors), treatment is ambulant, or “walk in” (you walk in in the morning, get your coctail, walk out in the afternoon), but still: fuck, it’s a Lymphoma.

And still, I’ll have to do treatment (chemotherapy) for a couple of months, and work out my coping mechanisms. One thing I thought of (actually, before the diagnosis, during fever time) is to draw. Now I can’t draw for shit; but I will (plan to) try, and maybe tell part of my story through little cartoons. There will be text posts too, I’m sure (because writing I’m significantly better at.)

So with that, this blog is now officially started, and I’ll start uploading stuff in the coming day(s)/week(s).

Oh, a word on the logo/favicon:



If you know Conway’s Game of Life, this shape is called the Pinwheel. (If you don’t know the Game of Life, it’s too broad a topic for this post, but see the link.) It’s an oscillator that, in 4 turns, returns to it’s original shape. But more importantly, this little guy is spinning without end, which I think is a nice metaphor. You can see it in action here.