T+10 month checkup: AOK!

Long time no post here, but partly because I’m happy with my results, and partly to test my newly migrated blog (yes, I’m serving from an NL based multisite setup now, and using Letsencrypt)… so I had a checkup today. I have one every 4 months now, and while I didn’t post about the previous one (in April), here I go with the current one, and a little status update for all those interested.

So, the figures:

  • Hb (red blood count): 9.1 (was 8.8 in Apr)
  • Tr (platelet): 160 (was 152 in Apr)
  • Lk (white blood count): 7.4 (was 4.9 in Apr)

So that’s pretty good, right? I mean, 4.9 –> 7.4, baby!

In other, more generic news: I’m OK. I’m better that OK, in fact. Quoting my doctor: I’m in better shape than before the cancer. My running pattern for the past couple of weeks has been 3-4-5 km usually twice a week, and 8-11 km once over the weekend. Plus cycling at least twice, to work (which, if we are into numbers anyways, is a ~22 km round trip, usually with a 20-22 km/h average, including city traffic. I’ll stop now.)

Also, this guy:

Met him in the hospital. He started his first chemo cycle I started my last. He’s also a member of the Amstel Quartet:

And he’ll do a benefit concert for hemathology research. Go and listen.

Okay, let’s see if this can get posted!