Blood is in the air, and other stories of the rest week.

Okay so I went for a routine checkup on Wednesday, all is fine, WBC is up in the skies (my bone marrow got a pat on the head for “reacting so well to stimulation” — well that’s one way to put it), but turns out my anemia got slightly worse (meaning my red blood cell or RBC count went further down, meaning my blood’s oxygen transferring capabilities were lacking). This is funny though: I’ve had anemia since pretty much the beginning of the whole thing, yet, when my treatments started, I could restart my excercises (the walks), and did a lot of things, as I mentioned earlier. So if I am this active while anemic, what would I do with a normal RBC count? (Oh by the way, for the bone pain slash WBC stimulation issue, next time I only have to inject G-CSF 5 times instead of 6, so hopefully the bone pain will be lighter.)

Anyway, by now I too, was feeling my anemia: my heart was beating like a jungle drum (roko-tokotoko-koroko-tokotontonn), I had a headache… long story short, I went in for some bloooed on Friday. I got (I think) 0.6 l (3 packages) of compressed blood (I guess just the good stuff, ie. RBCs).

As a result, I am totally fine now: all the *BC counts are normal or (in case of WEBC) higher than necessary, we had a day trip to Muiderslot today (some photos here) and Márti’s (younger daughter) 3rd birthday party yesterday where I participated fully (yay!), and in general I feel energetic.

Then, this also happened this week:

I don’t mind, truly, and for multiple reasons: first, for the past couple of years I usually zeroed my hair for the summer anyway, it’s very convenient if you do sports (with sweating and all) and I think it simply looks cool. (Yes, I do think I look cool in the summer. Isn’t that cool?) Second, I think now I can ask people (friends, strangers, the leaders of the world) for small favors, like…


One million dollars.