Nov 30 blood check: my red is back in the black!

…And by black I mean back in the normal range (Hb: 8.8, and normal territory starts at 8), probably for the first time in about a year — I’m out of the land of anaemia!

In other news, platelet count and white blood count are still a bit low, at 135 and 3.9, respectively (150 and 4 being bottom of the OK range, again, respectively), so there’s a bit of work to do still, but that’s considered the normal path – after all, I’m oly T+77, less than 3 months after the end of my BEACOPP Escalated.

So I still have to take my Cotrimoxazol (antibiotics) and Esomeprazol (anti-antibiotics), which means my irritated bowels will remain as such.

I’m also doing fysio these days to couter the constant pain in my muscles (prednisolon withdrawal effect, I’m told), and to get back in my feet — literally and figuratively. And we are trying to sort out the things in our life that we neglected in the past half year — car, taxes, car taxes, and the like. (Don’t like, to be frank.)

TL;DR: all things are on the up!