C04D01 status: some good news, and some more good news.

First off, C04D01 blood results, my feelings were right about me being in a good state: Hb (red blood cells) 7.4; Tr (platelets): 256; Lk (white blood cells): 5.5. The blood screen of a healthy person! Wbc probably something to do with the G-CSF I shot last Monday (but still good to know I can get it up to a normal value without too much pain), red blood cells and platelets increased on their own significantly during rest week. Yay!

Other piece of good news: I will only have 6 cycles, not 8. Not sure where this comes from (or rather: how could we misunderstand 6 for 8), but now it’s confirmed by two doctors, so I decided to believe it. Yay!

I’ll also have a CT sometime next week (tbc next Monday), to see (or rather: not see) my tumors.

This is how we roll in C04.