C03D16 quick update.

A very quick and dry update on c03: I stopped G-CSF after 3 days (as I felt some bone pain already), this resulted in 6.8/60/2 figures (Hb/Tr/Lk, respectively) on Monday’s blood test. First, this red blood count is the best I had since March (yay), second my platelets are down so I need to be careful with bruises as I found out hitting a box with my leg and getting a big black bruise (boo), third, wbc could be higher so I did another shot on c03d15 (yesterday). This should be OK: I didn’t have severe bone pain (and hopefully won’t get any either), and wbc should be up in the normals by tomorrow. (Judging from the feels, it might be there already.)


Got some funny allergic reaction, swollen eyelids for a change. Quite strong earlier, I can see fine now.

Weight status: 83.5 kg.