Hips don’t lie.

I though of this originally after the Fateful Saturday (Official United Nations GCSF Unfun Day), but then I never did it until now. So I’ll just throw this out here, as an insider joke:


The many, many fine layers to this wonderful image! From the reference to the pelvis (that hurt like fuck), to the reference to how the pelvis (and none of my other parts) couldn’t even lie down properly…

(Mind you this posture would absultely have been impossible in those 2 days. Heck, for me it’s impossible now too, in the same way I don’t possess Shakira’s vocal capabilities either… consider yourself lucky I didn’t try to recreate this image myself.)

Anyway, you don’t have to get the joke. Feel free to move along…

Prednisolone fun.

A funny thing with Prednisolone is one of its side effect is shaking hands — this hits me pretty hard, to the extent that I have difficulty typing on a smartphone or use a touchpad in the morning…

…and pick up a Perdnisolone pill: it’s the smallest of all the pills I take.

We figured with Juli this is probably a bit of practical joke, courtesy of the pharmaceutical industry: they give you a pill that causes your hands to shake so small it’s close to impossible to pick up with shaking hands. It’s actually pretty funny, good one, pharmaceutical industry!

So that little obscure giggle you notice when your pharmacist hands you your box Prednisolone… now you know why.