C06d08: the last IV.

last #chemo iv finished! feeling grateful to all the wonderful staff at @vumcamsterdam, thanks for all!

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Finished with the IV part of my chemo today. Some GCSF, Prednisolone, and whatnot are still tbd, but I that aside what this means is I’ve finished my chemo.

David Chase couldn’t have written my last IV day better. The bed I got today was the very same I was at on my first day, about 12 kilos and a lot of knowledge lighter. There was a delay in me getting my IV coctail from the internal pharmacy, so I was the last patient to finish, standing there and having a chance to say goodbye to the deserted Dagbehandeling… and I met all nurses at the elevator, leaving for home after a hard day’s work, it was all like a Sopranos season finale. Weather outside is rainy and warm, giving these past month a nice and mellow closing.

And now… (What now?)